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How do I become a missionary? | open2go

Do you know the feeling: every time you hear about missions, it’s as though someone was tugging at your heart. You sense that God may be moving you in the direction of cross-cultural ministry.

Yet how do you know you’re not mistaken? Are you even qualified for missionary service? Which practical steps can you take?

Is that how you feel?

If any of these questions sound familiar to you, we invite you to join our open2go weekend seminar!

This introductory seminar is designed for those who have a heart for missions but don’t yet know what implications this might have for them personally.

We want to offer some answers to frequently asked questions. The seminar will cover topics such as

  • different forms of missionary service,
  • long- and short-term missions projects,
  • financing missions,
  • necessary training and preparation.

A central focus will be on discovering your calling to missionary service. We will thus leave ample time to discuss questions and to pray about your personal calling.

The seminar is open to all ages. We look forward to an encouraging time of fellowship at our guest house!

Next dates

12 – 13 April 2024

Please contact us via email

Seminar fee
50 € (including meals and accomodation at Globe Missions’s guest house)

Language of instruction
German only

via email

If you have further questions:

Call us at +49 2852 – 50860 or send us an email.