Do you believe
people should
speak more
about missions?

You are excited about missions and desire that more people talk about this important topic? We believe the same – and for this reason, we have seven suggestions for you what to do in order to make the topic of missions more popular:

1. Share with your friends about a missions ministry

You know a missionary or a missions ministry that you are excited about? Most likely, others would love to get to know it, too! Tell your family about it. Let your church members know why this very ministry is worthy to be supported. Maybe you will even find new supporters among your co-workers?

2. Support a missionary or a missions agency

Find a ministry that effectively proclaims the gospel of Jesus. After finding out in prayer which ministry you should support, contact these missionaries or that missions agency. Ask where they have a need and invest your time, your prayers and your finances in a ministry (or several) that will be able to bear much fruit in return. One thing is for sure: When others hear of you supporting a missionary, they will also be encouraged to do the same.

3. Start a missions prayer group

Do you have friends or brothers and sisters in faith who have a heart for missions as well? Ask them if they would like to meet regularly in order to pray for the missions world. Possible topics are e.g. unreached people groups, certain missionaries, certain countries or for many workers to be willing to go into the harvest. Pray also in your personal prayer times for this. Never underestimate the power of prayer!

4. Organize a missions service in your church

When was the last time your church has organized a missions service? Talk to the responsible people whether such a church service can be planned and participate wherever you can help. Missions services (also youth or family church services) with testimonies, suitable songs and guests from the missions world are a great opportunity to make the topic more known in church and to raise awareness for the Great Commandment.

5. Invite a missionary into your small group

Are you a member of a small group or a bible study group? Why not invite a missionary to your meeting? Due to their insight into other cultures and their wealth of experience, missionaries often have new, enriching perspectives on Christian life and our commission as Christians. For planning purposes, however, ask early enough when their next home stay is scheduled.

6. Enable others to go into missions

Do you know somebody who has been mentioning for a while that he or she would like to be a missionary? Or is there maybe a young person in your church who is starting to be interested in this topic? Support them in prayer, and ask how you can help them to come closer to their calling. Maybe you are able to support them with finances, or your encouragement is needed. Tell others what this person plans to do. Let God use you to send out laborers.

7. Be ready to go yourself

Be aware that the prayer „Lord, send forth laborers into the harvest“ can have consequences for yourself: Be willing to hear God’s voice and to be obedient when He calls you to serve Him somewhere in this world. Maybe your place is in your home country, in your local church and in your work place. But maybe God will call you one day to another place. Be ready to be the answer to your own prayers!

There are surely many other ways to speak about missions. We are glad to hear more suggestions from you. But above all, we encourage you: Just start doing it – so that many workers will be able to work in the harvest.

„Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.
Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.“

(Jesus in Matthew 9:37-38)