Child protection

Vulnerable, defenceless and helpless – these are children in many countries of the world.

Children in many countries of the world are vulnerable, unprotected and helpless
Protecting children in every country and every community is our heartfelt desire, because abuse in any form leaves deep scars in a child’s soul. That’s why we commit to child protection – without compromise.

Therefore we support our local coworkers to establish tailored protection concepts.

Every protection concept consists of:A risk analysis for the specific ministry, as foundation of the child protection policy

  • A Code of Conduct
  • The analysis and revision of application and screening processes for employees as well as volunteers
  • Awareness training for coworkers, children and parents
  • Information on local legislation
  • Establishing reliable complaint mechanisms
  • An elaborated intervention plan in case of (hopefully never occurring) abuse.

Based on appreciation and respect for every child we develop a safe and healthy environment for children.

In addition we expect every visitor in a ministry working with children to

  • Provide us with a criminal background check
  • Read our child protection policy
  • Sign our Code of Conduct

Together we will do our best to prevent and fight child abuse.