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Volunteers Service

Are you curious, do not shy away from unusual challenges and are you willing to invest a year?

Welcome to the International Youth Volunteer Service (IJFD)!

With the conclusion of Germany’s compulsory military service on July 1st, 2011, the “International Youth Volunteers Service” (IJFD) – formerly “Voluntary Social Service Year” (FSJ) – was launched.

One of the positive aspects of this new program is that female volunteers can now benefit from the financial backing that under the terms of the FSJ only male volunteers doing alternative civilian service were entitled to. In addition to this, the federal “weltwärts” (“world-wards”) volunteers service was launched.

Globe Mission can offer advice to those interested in applying as well as liaise with missionaries to identify service locations potentially of interest to the volunteers. Since 2005, more than 60 young volunteers have been sent out with Globe.

What Are the “International Youth Volunteers Service” and “Weltwärts” All About?

It’s about…

  • participating in the daily routine of social service projects in a foreign culture and getting to know interesting people
  • acquiring skills useful for future employment or job training
  • discovering and enhancing personal skills
  • becoming socially and culturally committed
  • exploring the possibility of additional stints or even a career working in the cultural sector

What We Think is Important for the Volunteers:

  • Young people are given an inside look at the life and work of missionaries.
  • They experience what it means to selflessly serve people of a foreign nationality, culture, and language.
  • They experience firsthand the life-changing consequences and blessing of serving in such ways.
  • They learn of God’s protection and provision in every-day life.
  • They develop not only understanding of but also a heart for missions, both of which they can share with their churches back home.
  • They may even receive a calling to missionary service themselves.