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We would like to introduce ourselves

Globe Mission is a Christian missions agency.

Since 1990, we have been training, counseling and supporting missionaries in their ministries in more than 30 countries.

Together for the Nations – since more than 30 years

Missions work is still essential and possible today!

You are called to missions and need training? … You are a missionary and seek the support of an experienced missions agency? … You want to support the ministry of a missonary through finances or prayer?

Why Use a Missions Agency?

Sharing the message of God’s grace with other people is an absolutely necessary task for every Christian. Missionary work in other cultures is a wonderful calling that requires strength, passion and a strong support base.

Jesus said: “Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations…”.

To do this work well, a missionary in today’s world has to ask himself many questions: Am I qualified enough? How can I bring people into contact with God’s transforming love? How can I support my own family financially? Am I sufficiently secured in my old age?

We make mission possible

The basis for missionary work should always be a good support by the home church. However, most churches lack the capacity and experience to provide all-round support for their missionaries and to respond to the challenges in the mission field.

What are the tasks of a missionary society? Globe Mission helps missionaries and their churches. As an experienced missionary society, we provide them with our practical and expert knowledge and offer a legal framework for missionaries and their work – this means, for example, that our missionary families are entitled to child benefits.

Support for missionaries in the field

  • Missionaries and mission partners (Globe missionaries with permanent residence in Germany) receive
  • introductory trainings and advanced seminars
  • Strategy development and project consulting
  • Advice on visa matters, residence permits and money transfers
  • On-site support
  • Donation accounting and issuing of donation receipts
  • Public relations and sending letters to friends
  • Advice on financial and social security
  • possible training under experienced employees on site
  • Support in legal matters
  • Member Care.

As a missionary society we take individual care of our missionaries, pray for them and accompany them in their work on the mission field. We also advise churches on how to accompany their missionaries.

You want to know more?

Call us at 0049 2852 50860 – we’d be happy to answer any question you have about Globe Mission.

Our missionaries worldwide…

Globe missionaries help abroad:

  • Church and Bible School Planting
  • Aid services for the poor, orphans and widows
  • Crusades
  • Distribution of Bibles and Christian literature
  • Humanitarian and medical services
  • Training projects
  • Disasters and emergency aid projects
  • and other services.

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International Network

Globe Mission is part of the international Globe network.


We accompany you as a church if you want to send out a missionary…

Our three core values

Serve, mercy and faith


From call to mission

More than 170

Missionaries were sent out

in 35 countries

in the service of God

from 20 nations

and many volunteers!

30 Years


Globe Mission

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  • how you can support us and also the missionaries
  • how you might become a missionary yourself
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