Can I go to missions?

You would like to go on the missions field – but before this, you’d like to find out in how far you (individually or as a family) are ready for this?

Here you have a checklist for the missionary calling of a family that you can use for orientation:

  • Do we have a clear calling?
  • Is our motivation for the missions ministry right (more important than duty and need is  the love for God)?
  • Have I honored God until now in my ministry (God needs the best people for the best work)?
  • Can we already see missionary fruit (a change of location does not automatically bring a change)?
  • Do our children have a good physical constitution?
  • How about our ability for acculturation (this means first humbleness and the readiness to die to self)?
  • How about adaptability to colleagues and locals (many return because of the lack of adapting to other missionaries)?
  • Am I living with God? Spiritual tasks are no management tasks.
  • Are our marriage relationship and the family relationships strong (they will not come to order on the field)?
  • Are the priorities in our life right (do our family or our children suffer from our “ministry philosophy”)?
  • Is our parenting biblical?
  • What does our God-given ministry vision look like?
  • Do we have the ability to think and plan strategically?
  • Do we have an awareness for our gifts and ministries?
  • Precondition: Do we have the courage to take this challenge?
  • Do we have a sense of humor?
  • Do we have sufficient support – first in prayer and then in the financial area?
  • Are we faithful in our communication?
  • How about our parents? Are they taken care of?
  • Are we living in God’s power? Have we received authority from God for doing this ministry?
  • Can you see a sanctified lifestyle in me and my family?

Article by Brad Thurston. The information was summarized from a seminar on calling by Günter Krallmann in October 1997. Translated from German by Natalie Cuc.

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