Germans for World Missions | Our History

Globe Mission was founded in 1990 in order to facilitate sending missionaries from Germany into world missions. Today Globe mission supports more than 130 missionaries out of 20 nations working in around 35 countries.

The vision for Globe Mission was born in 1989 at a nation-wide prayer gathering of Charismatic Christians. Leaders of “Intercession for Germany”  („Fürbitte für Deutschland“) had come together to exchange thoughts on world mission.

One leader called for 5,000 new German missionaries to be sent out, unmindful apparently of the fact that at the time no structures were in place to accommodate that many missionaries among the Pentecostal-Charismatic churches in Germany. In response to this challenge, Brad Thurston in 1990 started the missionary sending agency Globe Mission (Globe Europe at the time).

Founding of “Globe Europe e.V.”

In June of 1990 Brad Thurston and six other founding members met in Frankfurt to sign the Globe Europe charter.

The vision was for Globe to be a point of departure and support for European missionaries who had received God’s clear calling to world mission or who were already in missionary service.

In 2013 “Globe Europe” was officially renamed “Globe Mission”.

Globe Mission Facts and Figures

To date Globe Mission has sent out…

  • more than 170 missionaries…
  • many volunteers and…
  • missionaries with partnering organizations…
  • into more than 60 countries.

Our missions agency is connected with an expanding network of churches and para-church organizations all over the world.

Recent Developments

In December of 2013 Andreas und Marion Pestke, former missionaries to Nicaragua, took on the leadership of Globe Mission.
Their desire is to see Germans won and equipped for world mission.

Our goals

The changing times we live in affect the methods of our cross-cultural ministry. To keep pace with contemporary developments, we have set the following aims:

1.    Cooperation in unity

We actively cooperate with organizations in strategic networks.

2.    Missionaries from around the world

We want to invest more in the missionary potential of the Global South. Western Christians have long been joined by non-Westerners in their willingness to serve on the mission field.

3.    Germany and Missions
We want to promote an awareness and willingness among German Christians for cross-cultural ministry and help train them to fulfil God’s calling on their lives .

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