The Globe Network

Globe Mission is part of the international Globe Network. Our partners, supporters and especially out missionaries thus have access to a wide network of contacts, support structures and a range of ministry opportunities all around the word.

Five missionary-sending and missionary-supporting organizations in Europe and North America constitute the Globe Network.
Through our international cooperation we have access to many additional resources. Further, being connected with ministries abroad means that donations are also tax-deductible for donors in other countries.

USA: Globe International 1973

In 1964 the US-American evangelist Ken Sumrall founded one of the first charismatic Bible Colleges in the United States. Liberty Bible College in Pensacola Florida not only trained future pastors for the ministry but also ended up sending out a number of long-term missionaries, leading Sumrall in the early 1970s to start Globe Missionary Evangelism – now Globe International – as a missionary support base.

In 2013 Globe International celebrated 40 years of a steadily growing ministry that now serves 200 missionaries in 35 countries.

Germany: Globe Europe 1990 – Globe Mission 2013

In 1977 one of these missionaries, Brad Thurston went to Europe, where he and his wife Janet founded the German missions agency Globe Europe. The vision for the work of Globe Europe was to support European missionaries serving in different countries around the world.

With the handover of the ministry to pastors and former missionaries to Nicaragua Andreas and Marion Pestke, the organization’s vision has grown.

In 2013 the name of the ministry was changed to Globe Mission signaling its aim to serve missionaries not only from Europe but from around the world. Globe Mission wants to strengthen its ties with Christians and organizations in the Global South.

The other Organizations in the Network: UK and Switzerland

The Globe Network continues to grow: in 2003 and 2004 two new European ministries, Globe Europe Switzerland and Globe Europe UK, were added. After some years of getting started, both affiliates initiated the process of becoming independent.

Under the leadership of George Alexander, Globe UK has been independently sending out missionaries since 2010.

In 2013, missions directors Markus und Marianne Zaugg launched Globe Mission Schweiz as an independent organization

Our latest member in the network was launched in 2018: Globe Mission Brazil. Under the leadership of Rita de Moura very soon also Brazilians can be sent out as missionaries.

In the future, we want to continue to expand the Globe Network by building missionary sending and training bases in other regions so that the Good News of Jesus Christ can be shared with more people in contextually relevant ways!