How does a Missions Agency finance itself?

As a charitable organization Globe Mission does not make any profits: instead, it is financed through the donations of friends and supporters.

Missions organizations depend upon the donations of churches and individuals for day-to-day operations. In addition, Globe missionaries finance our work with 10% of their monthly income.

These funds enable Globe Mission to provide the services it does to the missionaries, for without the support of a well-run missions base, many ministries on the field would prove even more challenging than they already are.

Did you know …

  • that Globe Mission supports around 80 missionaries living and ministering in around 30 countries?
  • that our entire support and administrative staff is currently made up of two full-time and four part-time workers?
  • that (on occasion) up to 15 volunteers help us with the various tasks and odd jobs that need doing?
  • that the 10% contributions of missionaries cover no more than 50% of our total overhead cost?
  • that the remaining costs have to be covered by the donations of churches and individuals?
  • that the work done at the missions center serves the cause of world missions just as much as the work is done on the field?

The operating costs of a missions organization are high: publications, events, missionary visits or extended stays, seminars, salaries, and much more. In order to provide our missionaries around the world with effective, long-lasting, exceptional support, to promote awareness across Germany for world missions, and to release people into cross-cultural ministry, we need the financial support of other Christians.

By the way …

  • As a non-profit, charitable organization (registered with the Wesel tax office under the tax number 130/5955/2955) Globe Mission undergoes regular external audits. We value transparency in matters of finance and efficient handling of the funds entrusted to us.
  • As a member of the umbrella organization APCM – the Association of Pentecostal and Charismatic Missions – we also hold to the high standards of other non-profit organizations. For several years now our operational expenses have been below 15% of our annual income, which more than satisfies the APCM’s directive that non-profit groups not exceed a 25% administrative budget.

You have questions or suggestions?

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