Mission and Vision – Our goal

Our mission statement highlights the purpose for which we started Globe Mission and outlines what we see as our central task. Our vision sums up our dreams for the future expressed in the goals we are working towards.

The word “mission” derives from the Latin missio, meaning act of sending or dispatching or – in the Christian context – the “sending of Christian messengers.” We as a missions agency believe that God has given us the task of assisting individuals with a call to missions both during their time of preparation and once they have reached the field. In doing so we seek to support local sending churches in their worldwide outreach.

Globe does not see its central mission in a specialized “missionary agenda” – a ministry to a particular nation or people group or a specialized task such as Bible translation or child sponsorship programs – but in targeted cooperation with people who are called to missions, who want to pursue their calling, and who are looking for the experienced support of a “home front” team. We seek to serve our missionaries by providing training, member care, and administrative services.

Our vision – our hope for the future – is that the worldwide outreach of Globe Mission and its missionaries will aid in the growth and emergence of independent, self-multiplying churches. We want to see people of all countries and cultures come to know Jesus as their savior, put his teachings into action, and themselves become messengers of his truth. Our goal is for national leaders to eventually take charge of the task of evangelizing so that the message of salvation can reach every nation, every people group, and every language. We believe that God wants to reveal his salvation to mankind. We pray that God will use us to this end since we believe that Christ’s return is near.

Our core values:

  • Serve

    “…and whosoever will be first among you shall be servant of all.”
    (Mark 10:44)

  • Mercy

    “But God, who is rich in mercy, in his great love with which he loved us when we were dead, in sins, made us alive with Christ.”
    (Ephesians 2:4)

  • Faith

    “All things are possible to him who believes.”
    (Mark 9:23)