Support us via Amazon!

We are grateful not only for monetary but also for material donations. You can place orders using your account on Amazon.

By clicking on any item from our wish list, your purchase will automatically go to Globe. When selecting an address, please click on “Globe Mission Hamminkeln” (see image below).

For donation receipts

Please note: Your address is not automatically transmitted to us by Amazon. If you would like to have a donation in kind certificate issued in order to submit it to the tax office for tax reduction,

please send us an e-mail with your address and the price of the item
or attach a message under Gift Options, including your address and email address, and uncheck the box “Do not print prices for this purchase on the delivery note:

If you click on things from our wish list, the things are automatically assigned to us. When choosing the shipping address, please click on “Globe Mission Hamminkeln” (see example below).

Many thanks for your support!