Seminars for missions-minded churches

We hold seminars designed to raise awareness about mission and cross-cultural ministry. Our hope is to motivate churches as they respond to the Great Commission – so that many people might hear the Gospel and be saved.

We offer a variety of courses and programs including the following:

  • Introductory courses on mission
  • Preparation for short-term mission trips
  • The Kairos Course
  • One-day seminars (see below)

IMG 7819Seminars can be conducted either in your church or at the Globe center. Offering regional seminars is one practical option for several interested churches in one region.

Day Seminars
We offer on-demand seminars that are geared toward mobilizing churches for mission. We can customize seminars on the following topics, depending on the specific requirements of your church:

  • Becoming a Missions-Minded Church
  • Roles and Responsibilities in World Mission
  • Globalization and the Gospel
  • Completing the Great Commission – What Remains to Be Done?
  • Which Culture is the ‘Right’ Culture?
  • Called to the Mission Field
  • Requirements for Becoming a Missionary

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For all questions please contact Eddi Riepl.

Encourage others to prepare for missions.
Find out more about the 4 steps to becoming a missionary.