Church and Missions

The sending church of a missionary is his or her first resource of prayer and support. We want to help churches complete this important and challenging task of supporting its missionaries.

Our goal is to support sending churches in Europe as they respond the Great Commission. We do this by:

  • offering and facilitating seminars and conferences
  • consulting prospective missionaries in developing customized financial support plans
  • and by publishing informative literature that draws attention to the commission Christ has given to the church.

Read more about how Globe Mission can help you support the missionaries sent out by your church!

IMG 7776Missionaries at Church Services, Cell Group Meetings, and Missions Events
Jesus said: “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.” It’s important to raise awareness for this command in the Church and to encourage Christians to seek God’s plan for their own lives and actively follow His calling.

As Christians we are often motivated by the stories of other believers. Every missionary testimony can serve to encourage the Church and help us look beyond our own immediate concerns. Missionaries have a lot to offer. (For further reading, check out Brad Thurston’s article “What Can Missionaries Offer Sending Churches?”).

We’d love to come to your church in order to share what God is doing in the world and how you can get involved. Globe missionaries from around the world as well as from our mission center in Germany want to share their experiences from the mission field with you at church services, cell groups meetings or mission events. For further information, please contact Eddi Riepl.

Helping churches support their missionaries
Find out here how Globe Mission can help your church practically.

Seminars for missions-minded churches
We'd love to come to you for encouargement and teaching!

What can missionaries offer sending churches?
Article by Brad Thurston.