How Do I Become a Missionary?

You’re excited about missions and want to get involved?
We want to help you get started!

Missionar werden

4 steps to becoming a missionary:

You want to be a missionary but aren’t yet sure about the next steps?
This practical how-to guide will help you navigate the most important considerations in preparing for missionary service: know your calling, get ready, build a support base, and seek counsel.
Find out more about these 4 steps to becoming a missionary.

Moving toward missions:
Do you know the feeling: every time you hear about missions, it’s as though someone was tugging at your heart. You sense that God may be moving you in the direction of cross-cultural ministry.
Do you want to learn more about missions? Come and receive the necessary training.
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A Missionary Calling:
How does God call a person to world missions?

God calls people into missions in different ways. In some cases a person receives a clear, one-time calling. Often, however, a ministry calling is more of a process. Globe missionaries share testimonies of how they were called into missions.
Be encouraged by their stories.

Preparation and Training for Missions
Are you full of passion and determination to follow the call of Christ and take the Good News into all the world?
Are you interested in missions or are you on the mission field already and want to learn more about Globe as a sending agency? Are you a pastor and want to teach your church about world missions? Come to Globe Mission’s Candidate School.
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