Seit 25 Jahren "gemeinsam für die Nationen" - Globe feierte Jubiläum

Am Samstag, den 27. Juni feierten wir bei Globe unser 25-jähriges Jubiläum. Vertreter aus Gemeinden, anderer Missionsgesellschaften sowie Unterstützer aus ganz Deutschland feierten mit uns dieses Ereignis mit einem bunten Programm aus Berichten, Interviews und Musik sowie mit kulinarischen Köstlichkeiten aus unterschiedlichen Ländern.


7 facts about Globe Mission that might surprise you

Globe Zentrale-26Globe Mission is a German missions agency, but did you know that we are working with missionaries from all over the earth?

Which of the following facts are new to you as well:


1.    Our ministry is about missionaries, not our own missions projects
Member CareAs surprising as this may sound: as a missions agency we do not initiate our own projects (as for example a Globe school or a Globe hospital). Instead, we support people who have a calling from God and feel a desire on their heart to initiate and lead their own projects abroad.

For this reason, the missionaries are in the focus of our ministry! We support them through training, strategic counseling, book keeping, public relations, member care and much more.
2.    Our Globe center is located in a small, unknown city at the edge of Germany

Globe Zentrale-35Never heard of Hamminkeln before? This has to change! After all, Hamminkeln, the nice city close to the Netherlands, has more than 25,000 inhabitants, a beautiful old windmill, many cows and horses, and… us, Globe Mission!

Our missions agency is located next to the local train station. Our guests and visitors are amazed about the beautiful nature, the many fields and the rural silence. We love Hamminkeln. Come and visit us sometime!
3.    Small is beautiful: we are a pretty small team

Globe Mission MitarbeiterWho would imagine that all our work is managed by only two full-time and five part-time staff members? Aside of the directors’ tasks and the seminars, much work is to be done in the secretary’s office, public relations, translation and book keeping.

Add a handful volunteers on request and … there you go, this is the team of our missions agency!
4.    Our missionaries work in around 30 nations
HPIM3301Globe missionaries and missions partners serve in Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America (if you have a calling for Australia/Oceania please contact us). Our people are active abroad in Paraguay, Kenya, South Africa and Costa Rica as well as in Romania, Norway and Greenland, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ among the people.

The ministries vary as much as the nations: Globe missionaries help in church and bible school plantings, aid projects for poor, widows and orphans, evangelisms, humanitarian and medical services, training projects, emergency relief and other ministries for the glory of God.
5.    Our missionaries are not all Germans - in fact, many have other nationalities
IMG 7848Even though we are a German missions agency, many of our missionaries are not Germans. We have Globe family members from the Philippines, the US, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Cameroon, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Chile, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil, Peru …

This makes it easy to believe that the majority of our missionary couples are intercultural marriages. We are very thankful for the great cultural variety among our missionaries!
6.    "Globe" does not only exist in Germany
Globe Network Logo-6Globe Mission is part of the Globe Network, which is operating worldwide. Since 1973, Globe missions agencies have been started in the US, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The next partner in the line is Globe in Mexico!

In the future, we desire to further enlarge the Globe Network! We want to promote the founding of new missionary sending and equipping agencies in more regions, so that the Good News of Jesus Christ can be shared in a way that truly meets people’s contexts.
7.    This year, we celebrate our 25 year anniversary!
Feiern GlobeIn 2015, we look back on 25 years that have been filled with God’s faithfulness and working. Globe was founded in 1990 in order to create structures that enable Germans to go into world missions. Today, Globe supports around 80 missionaries and missions partners from various countries worldwide. We are thankful for God’s moving among the nations!


Globe Mission

Burkina Faso FulaniGlobe Mission is an international organization made up of Christians from different backgrounds and of varying theological persuasions. Our purpose is to share God’s love – a love that’s transformed our own lives – with people all around the globe. We believe that through Christ God wants to give eternal life filled with purpose to those who trust Him.

Globe Mission supports Christian missionaries around the world by providing

   leadership training; project management consulting
 ♦  bookkeeping and administration; newsletter service
   Member Care (safety and crisis management; psychological counseling)

Globe missionaries are involved in these and other projects worldwide

♦ Pioneer missions and church planting ministries
 Cooperative development aid 
 Schools and kindergartens; aid for homeless children

India Calcutta

We believe that the Christian Gospel is neither a Western invention nor designed for a single culture at one time. Christ’s commission to “go into all the world” is the same today. In cooperation with Christians worldwide we want to make the Christian message known wherever we are: in Christ God is reconciling the world to Himself.

Photo Credit: Caleb Project 2006


Saved by a Story

November Storytelling Seminars in Kenya and Mozambique


"I hardly get a chance to sleep! Every night I’m sharing biblical stories in my home until the early hours – I tell my family all the stories I’ve already learned!”

- One of our Mozambican co-workers 

The impact we have already seen from last month’s biblical storytelling seminar has been phenomenal. One Mozambican co-worker alone reported that his wife, as well as a local religious leader and his nine colleagues all received Christ after he shared the Gospel with them through storytelling.

This November Globe International missionaries Paul and Theresa Kohler travelled to Eldoret, Kenya, and Nacala, Mozambique, in order to share their insights and some “tricks of the trade” of biblical storytelling with our missionaries and their local co-workers. We are so excited about the testimonies they have shared with us thus far and believe that this is only the beginning!


Globe Mission Goes to “the Locals”

Launching a New Stage of Ministry

Uebergabe AndreasThe general meeting of members on November 18th made it official: Andreas Pestke was voted in as Chairman. Andreas and Marion Pestke will be taking on the leadership of Globe Mission as of the end of 2013. On November 26th, missionaries and friends of Globe along with all the Globe Mission staff had a celebration to mark the handover and to say their goodbyes. Brad and Janet Thurston, who started Globe in 1990, took this opportunity to entrust into God’s hands anew the ministry in which they had invested many years of their lives. This time they were handing the baton to the younger generation. Brad and Janet will be relocating to North Carolina.


The evening of the handover was filled with warmth and laughter and was also a time to reconnect with many old friends from the early days of Brad and Janet’s ministry in Germany. Feelings were definitely mixed – it was a “bitter-sweet moment,” as Janet remarked. Brad will be serving as coordinator of the Globe Network from the States and will continue serving the missionaries as he travels. Brad und Janet are still passionate about encouraging people to give and go into world missions. They are both looking forward, however, to a lot of quality time with their grandkids and are grateful that they will be close to family in the US. 


Candidate School 2013

Kandidatenschule Teilnehmer“Time, energy, passion and all other resources of a missionary are too precious to be spent on something that is not of the highest quality... I strongly felt God's blessing over Globe Mission during the 2013 Candidate School,” writes a Romanian participant after the two-week training that we offer every year to people with a call to world missions. The training serves to relate knowledge and practical skills and provides an opportunity for us and candidates to get to know each other.

We have begun to model our teaching after II Timothy 2:2: “…the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” That is why after almost every session we teach, students are required to share or apply what they’ve heard. Whether at candidate school, in our Christian walk, or on the mission field, none of us should ever be in a position in which we are only teaching or only being taught: we ought to be receiving and giving all the time! Commenting on this, one student at this year’s school said: “ It is a simple concept but since returning to the field it has changed my whole perspective.”


Globe Europe Is Now Called Globe Mission

Our Name Change 

Pestkes Thurstons ZdZ As of September 2013 our missions agency has a new name. "Globe Mission" captures our new and more internationally focused outlook. In the future we want to strengthen our ties with churches and missionaries in the global South. We do not want to focus only on European-initiated missionary efforts in non-European countries but seek to build our ministry on mutual support and exchange among missionary colleagues worldwide. We look forward to drawing from the storehouse of opportunities afforded by our growing network of partnering churches and organizations around the world and to all that God wants to do as we collaborate cross-culturally to further the Kindgom.

„Missions Made Possible“

God has called us to be missions facilitators, helping those with a call to world missions: this has been our ministry from the very beginning. We want to support missionaries in practical ways, offer consulting, and provide spiritual support for their ministires. For more than 20 years, our primary focus has been on discovering and unlocking missionary potential in Germany and in Europe. We now want to meet the challenge of extending this ministry to where more and more Christians are responding to God's call to be ministers of the Gospel: to Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


Can Helping Possibly Hurt?

A wave of helpfulness

We are living in a time when people from western nations are investing in humanitarian aid in an unprecedented way.

Individuals, married couples, families and large groups not only want to donate money, but also desire to be personally involved in practical ways, including personally distributing relief goods to the poor on short term trips. They are driven by the love of Christ and want to demonstrate that love to needy people in the world.

Such trips are called ‘Short Term Missions’. It is estimated that several million of these outreaches take place every year.Kindergruppe

We experience this phenomenon in Central America particularly since we are located so close to the United States.
Being helpful is a Christian virtue to which we are all called. We must not close our eyes to the needy of this world. The Bible is very clear about that.

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