Corona Relief Fund – Please help now!

We have been committed to sustainable development work for years. But now we have to save lives.

The poorest countries in the world are hit hardest. Especially the people who live hand-to-mouth and receive no help from the state. In some countries the curfew is even enforced with weapons and physical violence.

Many of our international helpers have been on site for years. They know the people. And they have decided not to fly back to Germany despite the crisis. They stay to help.

We also want to make our contribution and support them in their work. Therefore we are calling for donations on their behalf. Because locally all time and energy is needed

  • to bring order to chaos,
  • To give attention to needy and anxious people,
  • to distribute food,
  • to distribute hygiene products, disinfectants etc.
  • and educational work against infection.

Our helpers have been involved for years in orphanages, schools, therapeutic sports and leisure activities, etc., in order to make a contribution on site and help people to help themselves.

We as Globe Mission have been supporting them in their work for over 30 years. We would like to invite you to help. Currently, finances are urgently needed for life-supporting measures so that normal work can be resumed at some point.

We have already been able to implement some initial immediate measures. But the need is still overwhelmingly great and finances are needed to meet this need.

We are very happy about everyone who makes this concern their own. Please donate something to our Corona relief fund, so that important supplies arrive where they are urgently needed.

For this purpose we are regularly in close contact with our helpers. We are a supporting pillar for them with words. But also with deeds, which are made possible by donations.

You are welcome to participate according to your abilities. Every donation helps. Thank you very much!