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Holger and Kay Lorentz

From: Germany / South Africa
GM Missionaries since: 2014
Field: Cape Town, South Africa

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Miscellaneous Information:

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Kay and Holger live and work in the Cape Town area with their children Moriah-Jane, Daniel, and Jessica.  After many years in YWAM where they also attended Bible school and did a Teacher Training course, they returned to South Africa in 2000 after becoming aware of the extend of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Southern Africa. They worked a few years in a home for HIV+ children and Kay also got a counselling diploma once the kids were a bit older.

They have a real heart for children in need and aim to address the inner and outer needs of children.  Many children in South Africa live in very harsh circumstances. There is lots of poverty, unemployment, poor housing, violence and crime, gangs, alcohol and drug abuse and just general hopelessness. They give children tools to build resilience and better cope with their circumstances, because changing the circumstances is a slow and hard process. The ultimate goal is community transformation, because a more loving and caring community will benefit all its children.  They are involved in training, Kids Clubs, camp work and support progammes.  They are also looking for new teaching and discipling opportunities.

They started or helped start two non profit organisations, MercyAIDS and Resilient Kids SA.

We need God to work on the inner beings to see lasting change. This is our hope and prayer.


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