Why Use a Missions Agency?

Sharing the message of God's grace with other people is an absolutely necessary task for every Christian. Missionary work in other cultures is a wonderful calling that requires strength, passion and a strong support base.

Jesus said: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”

In order to fulfill this task, missionaries today must ask themselves:
Am I qualified? How can I introduce people to God’s changing love so as to leave a lasting impact? Am I able to provide for my own family? How can I ensure that I am saving enough of my income toward retirement?

Missions made possibleAusbildung Missionar Schulung

The basis of missionary work should always be a backing of your local church. However, most churches lack the capacity and experience for comprehensive support of their missionaries and for reacting to all the challenges on the mission field.  

Globe Mission helps missionaries and their churches. As an experienced missions agency, we provide practical knowledge and expertise and a legal framework for our missionaries and their work – this means, for example, that our missionary families are entitled to child benefit (Kindergeld).  

Support for missionaries on the field

We provide missionaries with  
•    introductory seminars and training courses   
•    strategy planning and project consulting
•    assistance with Visa applications, residence permits, and money transfers
•    member care and counseling
•    account management and public relations
•    consulting in financial and social security
•    Member Care

As a missions agency, we care for our missionaries individually, pray for them and stand with them in their work on the mission field. We also counsel churches in supporting their missionaries.

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