Donate for missions

Thank you for your support! This enables us to make worldwide missions work possible.

Donations accounts:

Germany and abroad:
Bank: Evangelische Bank eG
Seidlerstr. 6
34117 Kassel

IBAN: DE20 5206 0410 0004 0022 53  

PostFinance AG, 3040 Bern
IBAN: CH56 0900 0000 4075 396 91
Konto: 40-753969-1


Donations via Credit Card via
Globe International ($)

Please send cheques to:
Globe International
PO Box 3040
Pennsacola, FL 32516, USA

Great Britain:
Donations via Credit Card via
Globe UK ($, £ und €) 



Please provide the relevant project number and project name for every donation so that we can allocate your transfer to the right purpose!

What can I donate for?

RoesslerGlobe Missionaries (Please don't forget the project number.)
Our missionaries do not receive a salary for their work and their living expenses. They finance themselves through donations from friends and supporters. Read more...


 Globe Zentrale-31Globe Mission Center (Purpose of donation: general)
In our missions center, we need donations to make our work possible. As a religious charitable organization we do not gain profit and finance ourselves through financial support. Read more...


  Staff in the Center
  Part of our staff in the missions center finance themselves through
  donations as well.
  You can support them in their work. 


Branch Ministries of Globe Mission
  IN.touch (440)
  o bom samaritano (482)
  Metro Ministries Costa Rica (425)
  Oriental Leaders Project (450)
  Timothy Project (426)


Info regarding donation receipts:
Germans receive a donation receipt that is accepted in Germany.
Swiss receive a donation receipt that is accept in Switzerland.
Austrians can only receive a German donation receipt!
Dutch citizens receive a German donation receipt that is also accepted in the Netherlands!

How does a missions agency finance itself?
A good and improtant question! Read here how we as a charity finance ourselves.