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Stefan and Esther Armer

From: Germany
Joined GM: 2007
Field: Dersca, Romania

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Romania's orphans

Are burnt in our heads after years of commentatorship – with lots of negative pictures and facts. Although many things changed during negotiations with the European Union, the mental need of this social fringe group remains. We still experience orphans that are traumatized by their experiences and by “being left alone”. There is a new group of orphans as well. Those that are left in Romania while their parents search for work outside the country. They are often without proper care and left to themselves.

Touched by these facts we left for Romania. We meanwhile have two children of our own and several foster teenagers that are more or less closely connected to us. We founded a little centre in the north-east of Romania, called “Life centre Dersca”. And since that time we are taking care of the mental needs of the children and teenagers which we were allowed to build relationship with over the last years.

We help to order their living conditions and future steps and guide them on a goal-oriented way with perspective.

Our most important goal is to bring them in contact with Jesus, because we believe that the only chance for them to have a stabile future and to heal their traumas is counselling and helping them to cope with their past.

That is why we call our ministry a social serving and missionary ministry: LIFE AID – COUNCELLING – DICIPLESHIP

Stefan and Esther Armer


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