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Samuel and Sabine Njock

From: Cameroon / Germany
Joined GLOBE: 2006
Field: Cholet, France

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Our heart beats for the church. We want people to get to know Jesus and become His disciples in order to transform their society for the better with God’s help. In order to achieve this, we are serving God as missionaries in France, in collaboration with the French Federation of Baptist Churches (FEEBF).

Our heart beats for missions. The Church has been given the commission to make disciples of all peoples of this earth. France is a perfect springboard for going into the French-speaking countries in Africa, bringing biblical values and actions of mercy to those societies, so that they, too, may reflect the glory of God. Both Europe and Africa need the Gospel as their foundation, so that people can live a fulfilled life and that society functions in a healthy and godly way. To make this very practical, we have a building project of a small clinic in a village in central Cameroon: "Health Center Koukoum". In this context and also beyond, Samuel regularly leads short-term mission teams.

How we got into this: Samuel (Cameroon) and Sabine (Germany) both made the decision as young adults to follow Jesus, which resulted for both of them in a calling into missions. They met much later, when both were already active in missionary ministry. They met in 1999 in Togo, where both were working with YWAM, and they realized soon that God called them to continue their way together.

God confirmed their calling to France - and from there to French-speaking Africa - to proclaim the Gospel and train people in following Jesus. After 5 years in Northern France the Njock family has now moved to the West of France, where Samuel has taken up the responsibility as pastor of a young Baptist church plant in the town of Cholet. Our missionary work takes place in the church context in France, as well as in mission trips to French-speaking Africa and in connection with the project "Health Center Koukoum" in Central Cameroon which is also a relevant means to share the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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