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Nina Savova

From: Bulgaria
Joined GLOBE: 2012
Field: Mezdra, Bulgaria

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Miscellaneous Information:

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The Future and Hope Foundation is working with young people from social institutions in North West Bulgaria. Our aim is to prepare and help the youngsters to get integrated into the society, and to live sustainable lives after they leave the institutions.

We are located in the town of Mezdra. At the moment, we are also helping four boys, who have left institutions and are now studying in vocational schools. We have a country house under renovation according to the valid state regulations for such type of houses in the village of Brusen, in the outskirts of Mezdra. Our future plan is to open a home for the young people, who do not have a place to go, after they finish their time in the orphanages or the boarding schools. The Home in Brusen would serve as a Half Way Home for the youngsters, as they start their integration process into the adult life with its tasks and responsibilities.

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