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Manuel and Miriam Becker

From: Germany
GM missionary since: 2015
Field: Thailand

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There are around 68 million people living in Thailand. Most of them have never heard of Jesus and have no idea that there is a God who loves them. Most Thais are Buddhists but at the same time they also believe in spirits. Most Thais bring daily sacrifices to 

Mönche im Tempelthe spirits hoping to earn luck and prosperity. The people group of the “Central Thai”, which we try to reach, is one of the 25 biggest unreached people groups worldwide. That means that most of them don’t have any access to the gospel, no churches around and hardly anyone who tries to reach them.
Most Thais are very suspicious of western religion and for many turning to Christianity equals betrayal of their culture. That and a lot of other reasons make Thailand a very hard mission field. If we keep reaching the Thais with the same speed then in the last 100 years, we’ll need another 1000 years to see 7% of the Central Thai turn to Jesus.
Clearly we need a new strategy and a lot of prayer!

Kinder im SlumWho we are
We (Manuel and Miriam Becker – from Germany) both made Jesus Lord over our lives as children and led and staffed youth and children ministries for many years. After school we did several short-term mission trips that helped increase our love for missions. 2010 we got married. Manuel is a registered nurse and Miriam is a primary school teacher. Since January 2014 we live in Thailand with our two daughters (Amy and Fiona). We love to talk with people about our wonderful savior. Our heart aches to know that millions of Thais are cut off from the gospel and don’t have a chance to hear the good news if no one will go and tell them.

Thailändische HausgemeindeOur vision
Our goal is to see a church-planting-movement among the Central Thai. That means a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches that plant churches that plant churches. We want to help to start a movement like that. We need many churches that will make Jesus known in Thailand. These churches won’t meet in church buildings but in private houses. Because we want to bring the gospel and not western culture, the meetings are adapted to Thai culture. The bible is the source of truth and authority in those church groups and not the missionary. We want to see Thais worship Jesus with elements of the Thai culture and with things God put in their culture. To reach that goal we are learning the Thai language at the moment and study Thai culture so that we can explain the gospel to Thais in a way that makes sense to them. To fulfill that purpose we moved to a city in central Thailand with hardly any tourists. Around that city are thousands of unreached villages with no Christians at all. We hope to see that Thais in that area will fall in love with Jesus and start to follow him.