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Andreas & Doreen Zuberbühler

From: Switzerland and Germany
GM Missionaries since: 2014
Field: Philippines

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Miscellaneous Information:

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Since the end of 2007, we have been living in the Philippines. We help street children and poor and needy people in the million-strong metropolis of Manila and beyond. Since 2014, we have been missionaries of Globe Mission and work together with different organizations and churches. We are about to register our Organization “Timothy Project“ in the Philippines.


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One focus of our ministry is to disciple young people and to help them to find God´s calling for their life. We support High School or College education, provide assistance for their living and guidance. In Worship and discipleship we partner with local churches.

Dumpsite Payatas


In Payatas is one of the largest dumpsites in the Philippines. Every day 500 trucks dump their garbage in this place and thousands of people try to make a living by collecting plastic and other valuable things from the garbage. We partner with a small church to start a bakery project which will provide some jobs for the community. It is our goal to empower them to be able to provide for the needs of their families.


Additionally, it´s our desire to start a feeding program for the poorest of the poor children. Many children are malnourished, sick and live in the midst of disgusting piles of garbage. We want to provide an oasis in the middle of this filth, where kids can play in a clean environment, receive a healthy meal and hear stories from the bible.
Many of this children don´t go to school, because they just don´t like to go. We want to foster a playful learning environment and therefore expand their horizons. We hope to awaken the joy of learning and prepare them for regular school.


We are getting ready to start a home for children at risk in Malaybalay on the island of Mindanao. As of now there is no temporary shelter for children at risk in the whole province and 2 little children are accommodated at a juvenile prison, because there is no other place. The small building is surrounded with high walls with barbwire on top. Except for a few broken bunk beds, there is nothing. No toys, no books, nothing!
A few older boys are imprisoned there because they were caught in minor theft. Since there´s nothing to do for them, they just hang out there. Really not a suitable place for small children.
Even from other cities in the province we hear that the Department of social welfare doesn´t know where to accommodate children at risk. One mother who wanted to give her child to the social welfare was sent away.
In this situation many children are at risk of trafficking and abuse.
We don´t see an orphanage as an ideal place for children to grow up. That’s why we will advocate for fostering and adoption. But in emergency cases a small family style orphanage is still better than to live at the juvenile prison!


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